Initial Consultation

30-60 Minutes FREE

An initial complimentary consultation is completed for all new clients. Come over to our 'farm' so we can meet you and introduce you to the goats. We will answer questions, let you get to know the goats and handle them, fill out paperwork, and discuss the details on how to care for the goats and plan for your trip.
Please print the New Client Packet for the consultation.  

During the consultation, we will introduce you to Goat Packing 101.  You can familiarize yourself with what we will cover.


We will also cover what to expect during your trip.  You will get more out of the consultation by reading this ahead of time.

Be familiar with a couple knots for highlining the goat(s) at night.  

All of these knots are used in the highline. The first image in our slideshow is a picture of the goats highlined in camp with their tarp on top of the line. If you do not know these knots, practice them at home before you go and setting up camp will be a snap.

Goat Rental
$25 per day per goat/Minimum 2 goats for a trip 5 days or more.

$30 per Day per goat/Minimum 2 goats.  Sanuk is half Toggenberg and half Alpine breed.  Elvis is Saanen breed, Beavis, Magnus, Argyle, Buster, Pablo & Jack are Alpines. Burt is a Lamancha.

We carry up to 30-40 pounds each (1/4 of our weight.) The more you weigh us down, and the more difficult the terrain - the slower we go.  Please be considerate of our health & wellbeing.  We go on hiking, fishing, hunting and family trips.  All equipment needed to use the goats is included, details below.

Getting There - Trailer Rental
$50 for the trip
The trailer is a small, lightweight utility trailer with a cushioned rubber floor and covering over the top.  If you provide your own trailer, it needs to be covered and have slip-proof mats on the floor.  The goats hop right in and ride loose without their lead ropes on.  Renter agrees not to transport goats further than 250 miles (approximate) one way. 

We also have the option of a horse trailer for more rugged back road driving and over 3 goats. 

Equipment Included

  • Saddle with attached pad and straps
  • Panniers (one set of two per goat).  These hold all your gear and are hung on each side of the saddle.
  • Collar and leash
  • 10 X 12 tarp (rain shelter)
  • Highline rope and twine to tie too with prusik knot 
  • Grooming brush
  • Scale (to weigh your gear).  Each pannier must equal the weight of the opposite pannier.
  • Treats (one bag per goat per day).  Makes for a happy, loyal buddy.
  • Bucket to put everything in

Rent & Rates

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