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Goat Packing Gear

Bantom Saddle Tack

These products are developed, tested, and assembled in eastern Idaho.   The premier online manufacturer of miniature packing equipment such as sawbuck packsaddles, mini panniers, saddle pads, etc.

Northwest Pack Goats & Supplies

Terry & Rex Summerfield have been manufacturing pack goat equipment since 1995. We have done extensive research to provide the most durable material for our panniers, the most non-abrasive and strongest webbing for our saddles and the most supportive yet soft and flexible felt for our pads. We strive to produce a top-quality product at an affordable price. 

Kids for Sale

DKH Destiny Farm

Kimberly and Dean have dairy goats as well as Toggenburg and Oberhasli as well as Toggenburg/Alpine and Oberhasli/Alpine cross goats.

Kopf Canyon Ranch

Dale and Karen are knowledgeable goat breeders.  They have ​​Kiko, Kiko/Saanen, Kiko/Alpine, and Kiko/Alpine/Oberhasli.

​"Our prospects are started on the bottle as soon as they receive their dam's colostrum, which is essential for their health and development. They are socialized early with adults, children and other animals - dogs, cats, horses, llamas and poultry.  They begin leash training and following  as soon as they start the bottle, and even take rides in the truck."

Goats to Rent for Weed Control

We Rent Goats

Goats are natural-born weed eaters. Thorns and plants that cows and sheep don’t like are a delicacy for goats. Properly managed, goats choose the forbs (weeds) or woody plants 85% of the time, compared to 13% for grasses.[1] This is an important point for ranchers looking to get rid of weeds while maintaining grasses and clovers for livestock.

Pack Goats for Rent

High Uinta Pack Goats - Wyoming

We support the principles of "leave no trace" camping.  Goat rentals are available.

How to Build a Tack Trunk

☝️Check out this link, shared with us by a student in West Virginia, Regina!