​​​Goat Pro Idaho​​

We can be easy to saddle.

Ya, we eat paper, but we eat all kinds of foliage too.  No need to pack any food for us.    

Elvis is the white goat in back. My brother Tubs retired last year.

I'm Sanuk.

Goat Pro Goal

Our goal is to provide you with hiking buddies to lighten your load, keep you hiking, hunting, adventuring and enjoying the Idaho outdoors!

There is nothing better than loyal company and wildlands in every direction.  On trail or up forested slope, the goats will follow and enhance your backcountry experience.  No need to live off freeze dried food and wear yourself out just getting to your destination, the boys will bear the burden and keep you smiling throughout the whole journey.


How does it work?  

You do not need to be an experienced goat packer. Set our saddle on our back, attach two straps, and you are ready to hang our bags on each side. That's it.  We follow along or you can lead us.  

When we take a break, we just lie down with our pack on.  We browse on a variety of brush and plants, eating foliage that horses and mules do not eat.

We will eat your trail mix, clothes, and and if you are not careful the backcountry permit on your backpack!


We carry 10-20% of our body weight, about 30 pounds.

The more rugged the terrain, the lighter you pack the goat.

We'll go on hiking, fishing, hunting and family trips.

All equipment needed to use the goats is included.

We have a lightweight, small trailer to ride in.

You can take us on a multi-day pack trip in the Sawtooths,  or just a day hike in the Boise foothills.

See our Rents & Rates page for more details.

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